Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tribute To My Dear Friend

If you've seen any of my past posts, many of them involve the exceptional man with whom I work at the Clinic.  Pastor Bori is his name, and over my years of ministry in the Makalondi area, I came to love this man and his family like they are my own family!

Pastor and I have stratagized together over our health goals, I trained him in biology, diseases and treatments, we've treated patients together, we've shared God's Word together, prayed together and shared daily life together.  His kids became "my kids" and his wife became a good friend.  It was especially a joy and relaxation to sit and "chill out" together in his compound after a day of work while his little girls lounged all over their daddy.

I have had so much respect for Pastor, a man of integrity and Godliness, who put his family right after his relationship with Jesus and his patients after that. I really felt so blessed to be in ministry with him.  In exchange for my medical training, he was my mentor in culture and language and often would clue me in to when prayer was called for instead of medicine. We were a team that only God could have arranged.

He did his job at the clinic, seeing patients and treating them, because he loved them. He never asked for a salary (though I saw to it that he did receive pay for his work).  I admired and respected Pastor.

Another thing that touched me was his love for his daughters.  He has 9 of them....and 1 son.  In a culture that puts importance on sons, Pastor always dreamed the same things for his girls that he did for his son, David: education, a ministry profession, and Godly spouses. Mostly he wanted his children to follow Christ whole-heartedly!  Every morning and evening he would lead his family in a time of worship, reading God's Word and praying together.

I remember the loving care he gave his daughter, Yumanli, in the hospital after she was badly burned, taking over the daily nursing care himself.  He did this for months until he could bring her home.  I remember his gentle care of his baby twin, Esther, after she was born with Spina Bifida, going to great lengths to get the proper treatment for her.  What a loving husband and father he was!

This past Thursday Pastor was in a motorcycle accident...he hit a dog while driving home from Makalondi through the bush and was thrown forward, landing hard on his head.  Though his body was hardly touched, he had severe head trauma and he was quickly transported from the clinic in Makalondi to the National Hospital in Niamey.  There, with minimal care, and treatment that came rather late, he deteriorated over the weekend.  Our friend, Lisa, and our son, Joe, called in a respected neurologist, but by the time he saw him, the bleeding and bruising in the brain had gone too far.
Last night, pastor succumbed to his injuries and left his earthly body and entered heaven.

We had been praying since the accident, for a miracle of healing.  Pastor's wife hadn't been able to leave her little girls to come in to the city to be with her husband.  His son, David, who had been in medical school at the university in Niamey, had left only 2 months ago on a scholarship, to finish his medical studies in Havana, Cuba.  David couldn't come to be with his father or mother.  His sisters couldn't come either.

Yesterday I had to write and let David know how serious the situation was, because being a medical student, he wanted to know the truth.  When he replied to my letter, his message broke me up.  Tears ran freely as I realized that Pastor's son had become like his Dad...the highest compliment.

Good morning mama.
I have just riden all of your mesages.

Thank you for being clear with me about all of that. I don't really

have word to say, the only think i can say is that everything in our
live should be for the glory of the Lord.  He is the one who
created us, and know what is the best for us.  If my Dad has to
leave  this  world, it will be  for  the glory of  Jesus, i can´t even
think about that  and  what  will follow  after if  that  happened, but 
yes  i will know  that  my God  and  his  God  is  the one  who called
him, and  He  is  the one  who will take  care of  the  rest  of  this 
The  first  day i got  the new about  his accident, i didnt  get  TO
sleep, cause  i was  just  thinking about all of that, but  i 
remembered of  Mathtw6.27 and verst 34.

And then i stoped imaginating about all of that. God is the one who
give and take away, so it will be glory to his name.  My dad has been
the perfect example for me that i can't say much (more) than that.
I will like to go home and see them and even stay with them, but i know his
one wish has always been for me  and  all of  my sisters  to study and  be
the best of  the best and let God name be glorified of what He can do, 
and  to  console him because  he  hasnt  got  this  chance  to study, i
know that i just  have  to fulfill this will for him, what
ever  it  arrived , alive  or  with Jesus i have  to do that  for  His
memory. And praying for the  other sisters  to get to study also cause
this is His  wish for us,
and i know that God  will do and is doing that for Him  by his grace.i
will, iam on my way for that and i beleive  that  it  will came soon ,
just  need  time.and the time is  in the hands of  Jesus.

I'm praying hard that God will let him see the fruit of what 
he has been fighting for us all of his life here. This is what i will
appreciate to see and it is my one and deep wish. But God is the one
who created him. Let  Him do what  He sees good  for  Him.

I'm so sad for mama and sisters about what they are also living these
days... but I'm just praying  for  them.  Thats  all i can do.
And  praying  that God  will do a miracle for us once  more like He
always did  for us  in every pain we got  before.  I know papa is  the
physical hope  of  this family.  If  He goes, they will be like  lost.
Please pray for that also.

I just sometime remember the story of Job and I think that papa
is the "Job" of this century I knew.  So I won't lose hope. 
Arms open wide, at Him we cry.  May He let
his  name Get GLORY, whatever He will do in this  situation. AMEN!

Thank you Mama for informing me clearly because I have been thinking also
about why no one want to tell me the reality of the situation.  Thank you.

LOVE YOU TOO, big hug  to you and  Dad  there.


As I cry and mourn, I look at David's strength in grief and I am encourage to see that Pastor's character and faith are alive and lived out in his son.  That brings me such joy!  And once again I am reminded of how worthy God is of our praise in even the difficult times and in our suffering!  Like David said, may God be glorified in pastor's death, even as He was in his life!


Mary said...

What a beutiful testimony! I pray that people will come along side and provide for his girls as they grow and are trained in their respective areas. May these days and months ahead be filled with a deep peace that God's hand is ever present in our lives. May he turn their mourning into dancing.

Joyce Ford said...

Joy, This tribute to Pastor, and the letter from David, brought tears to my eyes. You wrote this beautifully. As David wrote, God will be there for all of them. Yet their hearts ache terribly right now. You will miss him severely when you return to the clinic Joy. What will everyone do without him? May God raise up Pastor's to take his place.