Monday, February 11, 2013

2 Little Cuties

Let me tell you right now that in the past week, two little men have stolen my heart!  

If I could, I'd pick them up and whisk them off to live with Me, and I'd probably spoil them rotten!

Recently as I was driving out through the bush to my Health Center, I saw a young man ahead beside the path, waving me down to stop.  So I did, and to my surprise, it was the young father of one of my former patients, Jean Marie.

Some of you may remember that just over a year ago, this father and mother came to my clinic and brought their little son, about 15 mos. old at the time, for an eye exam.  He had been quite ill in the past 6 weeks and during that time, he had lost his sight!  

After I finished the exam, I had the awful task of telling the parents that, yes indeed, their little baby was blind.  
We discussed care, and options, which all fell on devastated ears…and then as they were getting up to leave, Pastor asked if we could just pray for Jean Marie and his parents.  
They agreed.  
And Pastor prayed….a prayer full of longing and faith, asking God to perform a miracle and allow this little guy to see.  Maybe you read that story...

Well, God heard and answered that prayer!  And the next time I saw little Jean Marie, he was seeing… and I reminded the whole family that Jesus had touched his eyes and made him see again!

So back to my story... the father waving me down…. He greeted me and asked me to come and visit and see his son, so I agreed that on my way home from clinic I would stop and visit.  I hadn't seen little Jean Marie for a year.

I stopped in and walked into the village and to their compound.  Goats, chickens, and children were running everywhere.  

And then I saw this little guy come wandering over and recognized that little face.  He was munching on some roasted corn and wasn't even shy of me.  I held out my hand and he gave me his for a little shake.  

When he smiled at me, he stole my heart!
Isn't he just beautiful?!  I wonder what plans our Heavenly Father has for this little man...

The second little guy is Moussa…and he came to see me at my clinic on Saturday.  His dad is a new believer and I've known him over a year now.  He and his wife have had 12 children in their years married, but 8 of them have died!!  They treasure the 4 children they have left.  Father told me that Moussa had fallen into his mom's cooking fire this past Monday and caught his clothes on fire.  His left thigh, stomach and arm had been burned!  

When I first saw little Moussa, he was clothed and playing around like a normal 5 year old… so when they pulled his shirt off, I was dismayed to see the extent of the burns down his leg and on his belly!  

He wasn't afraid of me, as I did a thorough exam, looking to determine the degree of the burns.  I could tell that most of them were 2nd degree burns with some areas being clearly 3rd degree

And those are the areas that concern me the most. 

I discussed my findings with his father…and that our biggest enemy would be the threat of infection in the next week.  I told him that I would consult with Deb and we would come up with a plan for his care.  We talked about the necessity of putting Moussa on a high protein diet and what foods that would include.  
And then I started him on an antibiotic and some multivitamins.  

Our next hurdle will be this weekend…making sure that as the wound becomes exposed, that he doesn't get infected!  We have our work cut out for us…. But this little guy is so worth it!!  
And before he left he turned around and smiled at me… 
Who could resist that smile!!!