Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lina gets her Mask

Back when we were having another go at making the second mask, D. also wanted to inspect the rest of Lina's burned areas that were recovering with the pressure shirt.

After the inspection, she shyly and quietly said to us, "You remember you said that if I have any questions, I could just ask you?"

We nodded.

"Well, I see now that I will probably never get married and I know that I can no longer do the physical work that the women in the bush have to do.  
So I have been thinking... God saved my life and gave it back to me, and now I want to give my whole life to serve Him.  
So Palamanga, if you are agreed, can you give me to D.?  I will go with her and I will work for her and do anything she needs me to do so that she can continue to do her work to help burned people.  I am willing to help her in any way she needs me and all I need is a place to sleep and some food."

D. and I looked at each other with tears coming to our eyes...

Does this remind you of Ruth and Naomi too?

We told her that we would definitely begin to pray about this...that she still needs time to recuperate, so we have time to be praying.  I told her too, that it would be good to finish her schooling, especially since she was FIRST in her class last year, because she will need french and education to be a big help....  and she was glad to see HOPE in her future...
What a Precious girl she is!!

Ok, so if you've recovered your emotions...

...this is the Happy Ending to our Saga of  "Lina's Mask" and I think that D. has shared it very well in her blog post, so I will defer to her....and then add some personal thoughts...

So let's visit D's blog first (note - Lina is referred to as Y. in the blog): 

Her pictures are great so I'll only add a few here with a description.

One other thing... while we were in this process, I thought of David...and that he would love to be here to not only see his dad and sister, but to also see how this was all done.  I wasn't sure if he was in class at the moment (remember, he's a med student), but when I called, he was free and he came over and joined in the "fray".

 We had to spot heat several places and I got to use the heat gun!  D. did the hard part of pushing and pulling the plastic.... and probably getting her hands slightly burned by yours truly - hence the gloves!

Both Lina and her dad were both fascinated by the whole process...  and by the Cool Tools!  D. does some trimming with the drimmel here. 

Several times throughout the process of implementing the steps of the mask making, a certain step wouldn't work out as planned.  So then it was back to creative thinking and figuring out how to put our new idea in place.

Attaching the straps to the mask was one of those "detours", but with our brainstorming, we were able to come up with a new way.

It would just take a little more work....

And since it involved sewing, and Pastor is a Tailor as well, we recruited the whole family to help.  Thankfully, Lina and David had both been taught to sew by their father so they were a big help.

Even Lina was able to help.   And David seems to think this is fun!

Everybody was hard at work

When we finished, and D. had made the final adjustments, they were able to take the new mask home with them, where Lina and her dad will place it on her face and then attach the straps at the back of her head so that it will fit just right.  

They all thanked us over and over ...and before we took them to the bus station to head back to Makalondi, we all had to agree...

When you are in NEED of a Personalized FACE MASK...

                  The ONLY one to call is THE Queen of Masks herself...

                                                      ... D. Queen!!!

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Beth said...

First of all - what a beautiful, pure heart L has! I feel sure I would still be lost in self-pity only seeing all that I had lost and there she is looking beyond that to see a place where God can use her. Blessed are the pure in heart! Second, I love the pic of D. Queen. Too funny!