Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Doggie, Leah

I haven't been on much to blog since we left Niger at the beginning of February. There's been so much going on here - between visiting with family, traveling and visiting churches and friends, and working, that it's alittle harder to make myself sit down and write. However, my heart is often back in Makalondi at times throughout my days here. Especially after talking to our guard yesterday.

Before we left Makalondi, our faithful dog, Leah, had been suffering from a chronic illness which affected her energy, appetite and general well-being. Leah is like a member of our family and has been a wonderful companion to us living abit remote in Makalondi. Over the past 12 years there she has also stopped burglers from coming in our yard (2 times) and killed over 15 snakes, most of them deadly. She is such a good doorbell too, always barking when there is someone at our gate, and becoming their "best friend" when they enter. She has also joined us in the evenings when we sit under our big tree in the yard, walking around to each of us to get her "fix" of love pats. We've joked about her being our "needy" girl. The long and short of it is this: Leah has been a real gift to us from God for our time in the village.

Leaving her behind was pretty difficult and each of us spent abit of time loving on her and talking to her before we got in the truck. She knew we were leaving and she was sad. We feel better that our worker, Abdou, is there taking good care of her, but we hate to hear that she is not doing well.

For the past 7 months I've had her on medication to see if she would improve. After talking to Abdou yesterday, it is clear that the medication is no longer working. We have decided to put her to sleep to spare her any more suffering. Needless to say, we're very sad to loose our Leah and it breaks our hearts to think of returning to Makalondi and her Not being there to greet us and live with us. But I am also so very very thankful for all the years that we were blessed to have Leah! She has been a loyal, loving companion and a wonderful gift from God to us...