Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Storm Drama!

(Note: Beki's terrace is nice and open...bedroom & office on one side and the kitchen and bathroom on the other side)

The other night, Friday night, just as we were drifting off to sleep out on our terrace, my cell phone jingled, letting me know I'd just received a message. It was from Beki, who had just left our house about 40 min. earlier to walk over to her house in the next compound. Putting my glasses on, I read, "OK so this is super lame but could you all please come over when you wake up...I closed the door to my room and the handle broke so I'm stuck inside...I'll keep trying tho. I closed my kitchen already so It's ok for (in case of) rain... Sorry!" Gary mumbled, "I'll get up first thing and go over and get the handle off" and we went on to sleep.

Next thing I knew, I woke up because the wind was picking up and morning had come... and I looked out of our terrace to the east...a huge sky of dark cloud was nearly upon us! The massive dust storm was starting to roll over us as I quickly woke Gary and yelled, "You have to get Beki out before the storm hits!". He hurridly grabbed some clothes while I rushed around our house shutting all the windows, sand already in my eyes and mouth. As he ran across our compound to Beki's, the first large drops of rain, driven by the wind, began pelting the earth...and Gary too. When you are out in this kind of rain, it feels like you're being hit with lots of tiny pebbles and it's cold!

After two tries getting into the locked compound, he finally had to run and slam into the door near our Ministry Center and break the lock before he could run over to Beki's house. There, he stood on her open patio in the rain, and began to work on dismantling the door handle. (Now remember, this is a new house with a new door and handle! Handle: "Made in Ni.g.er.ia"). He had forgotten his glasses in the rush, and the rain was running down his face, nearly blocking his vision! Finally, we was able to use his key to 'jimmy' it open, and get the door open! Beki was Free! No time to talk, he dashed back to our house, running through the mud and water that was already making our yard a lake. I met him at the door with a big towel and a mug of hot Dunkin Donuts coffee (the BEST).

Mission Accomplished!

After changing into dry clothes, messaging with Beki and knowing she was ok, we sat on our terrace drinking our hot coffee and enjoying the cool rain. We would sweep up all the sand and dust later...