Tuesday, May 24, 2011


What's for breakfast today? Fonio! What? What's that you say? Grass seed? Really? That's right! Grass seed. Last month we were introduced to a new grain which we've never seen before in our 23+ years here in Niger. A friend from Burkina Faso came and stayed a week and brought us a bag of Fonio, which he told us is the oldest grain known to be natural to West Africa. It was here before all other grains were introduced, and that seems natural since it IS a grass seed.

Well, the next morning I was anxious to try this new cereal. You cook it up as you would Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal... After spooning it up in our bowls and adding some milk and sugar, we tried it out. Yum! With it's creamy texture and nutty flavor, it's a winner!

It's interesting that I've never seen it in our local market, but maybe the next time I'll ask around. It's definately on our list of natural, organic foods regionally available!