Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 D

Despite what you may think this entry will be about...3 dimentional views, or some related subject, this will be totally different. 3D is a game that Gary and I and Beki have invented. We invented it partly to keep our sanity while traveling back and forth from Makalondi to Niamey and the return trip. It goes like this: 3D stands for "Dangerous Driver of the Day". Because there are so many on the road, we have begun naming contenders for the 3D title by the end of our trip, and when we finally reach our destination, we vote on who qualified as THE 3D.
Here are some recent candidates:

1. The taxi driver who was all over the road in front of us, because, as we drew up beside him to pass, we discovered that he was texting!...with a busload of people and loaded on top with baggage!

2. The car we overtook who's driver could barely see out the windshield because it was badly cracked in a spider pattern right in front of his face, and better yet, he had put white electrical tape over every crack, obscuring his vision for sure!

3. The car above who was determined NOT to pick a lane unless a vehicle approached in the opposite lane. This meant that even on a curve on a hill, he would remain where he was, straddling the line! We had fun trying to pass him!

Those are only 3...and I could go on about the semi passing another semi on a curve as we came around that curve, forcing us to squeeze onto the side and not fall into the ditch. Or the taxi bus piled so high that he's tipping towards his right side and each time he goes around a curve, we wonder if this time he'll topple!

It can make a person uptight and frustrated, even angry at their disregard for safety. So to difuse the stress, we've made it into a contest to see who can win the 3D award at the end of the trip. Problem is, we each think we won...and possibly we each did!

Thank you, Jesus, for your protection in our travels!!

A question

Sometimes I wonder....does anyone other than my mother even read these entries? And if no-one besides her were reading them, would I keep on? My conclusion is: Yes. Even if just for myself. It's somewhat of a journal for me of the occurances in our daily life here in Africa. I'd like to be the type of person who keeps a hand-written journal, entering interesting tales and experiences in a fairly frequent manner, in one of those cool looking hand-made books from Nepal. But... Well, it's just not me...though I wish it were. So I guess that "journaling" on my blog about the things that I'm living, that in the end, it's going to be something I can look back and read about later and relive to some extent, experiences we were fortunate to be a part of...