Friday, October 22, 2010

WII comes to Makalondi

This past week, one of our Sahel Academy students, Chris, came out to Makalondi to help us out for a few days. It was a treat! We had been given a WII for the Ministry Center, but I had put off trying to hook it up because I'm technologically challenged! I knew that it would also have to be disconnected often in order to connect up the old VCR or the newer DVD players. Chris was able to get them all connected to the TV so that we can leave them all plugged in!!
And better yet, he took the time to show and play the WII with our Center Manager, which means that I don't have to learn it all. But the best fun was that evening at the Center.
We had nearly 20 young men show up that evening to read and hang out (school hasn't really started yet). When the TV was wheeled out and Chris and the manager began playing Mario Cart, the fun began! Each kid was eager for their turn to try driving, while all the others yelled instructions at him between bursts of laughter. The WII is a big hit!...Thanks to Chris.