Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Too Many Choices

You can't imagine my excitement recently, when I discovered my favorite flavor of Potato Chips... in Lay's, no less! Sour Cream and Onion!!! Yum! It's hard for me to leave some for Gary...
But then I noticed on the back of the package even more exciting news: along with Sour Cream and Onion and Regular flavor of Lay's chips, we can also enjoy "Roast Chicken and Thyme" and "Mustard Pickle" flavors!! I never saw THAT back home in our supermarket!

Micah's Story Continues

Tomorrow, the 3rd of June, Micah will be 5 months old. For the past 2 months, he has been living with his adoptive family and settling in with them. The process for adoption has been long and often challenging for his new parents, and yet they have handled it with grace and perseverance, continuing to trust God for His strength and patience. (There are still a number of steps to be accomplished, so we would appreciate your prayers that they would be speedily finished.)

During the past weeks, when we come into town each week, Micah’s parents have graciously let him come and stay with us for a day or two…allowing us to maintain our close relationship with him. We have moved into the role of being another set of grandparents to him, being Nana and Papa to him as we are to our other grandchildren. It has been so fun to see him changing as he grows. What a healthy little guy! Over the past month he’s mastered rolling over and even sitting by himself.

In the next month, when Micah’s adoption is complete and other travel documents acquired, he will be moving to the States with his family for the next two years. It’ll be hard to say goodbye!!!, but we know that he’ll be right where he’s supposed to be…in their loving home. I can guarantee you one thing --that I’ll be making sure that my Skype connection works with theirs!

Flat Stanley

Probably most of you are familiar with Flat Stanley. He's a little boy in a popular kid's book, who happens to have a bookcase fall on him, squishing him flat. At first he's dismayed, but then realizes that it may have advantages, as now he can put himself in an envelope and travel to different places on adventures. Well, Flat Stanley came to visit us recently. Our First Grade grandson, Landon Freeman, in Toccoa, Georgia, and his class decided to send out their Stanleys to visit new places this year, and Landon sent his to us. I must admit, I had a good bit of fun with Flat Stanley... helping him visit new places and see interesting things around Makalondi. But the biggest fun was trying to explain him to our Nigerian friends! Some of them just looked at me blankly, others laughed and then some of them joined right in the fun, helping Stanley to have a great time. I've included some of our favorites: Stanley climbs a Baobab tree on the way out to my Clinic village...

...and a puff of wind blew him into a thorn tree. He had to be rescued.

The Health worker's wife gave us some roasted sweet potatoes to eat...filled him right up!
With a full tummy, he was able to help his hostess pound her sorghum....

....and cheer up one of my patients at the clinic too.
Going home, I think he was rather sad to be leaving the village behind...

I'll have to ask our grandson what Flat Stanley thought of his visit to Niger. Landon and his sister, Madison, said that he had the best adventures of all the Stanleys in Landon's class!