Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirts seen at church

You never know what you'll see when you go to church in our corner of the world. But you will surely enjoy the variety:

Matching shirts from Abecrombie & Fitch

Che Guevara at church???!!!

"Finding Fluffy"??? (Naomi and I had to smother our giggles when we read this one!)

And here's one from the recent olympics!
So lest all you folks from other parts of the world think that you have the corner on STYLE, you're wrong! We can compete with the best of you. Bring it on!


I just had to smile the other evening watching these two. If THEY can share, I think there's hope...

Nike is our last puppy waiting to go to our worker, Abdou's, home. He has grown up with our kitty, Snowy, around and they seem to think that they are brother and sister. They play together, wrestle together and sleep together along with eating together. Who would have thought that a cat and a dog would end up being best friends!

The Gift of Gab

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coping with the Heat

Cool early morning play in his "bed" on our terrace.
Earlier I told you about the battery fan we use when the generator isn't running. That works some of the time. But when the heat is really turned up, like it was last week, we move out onto our terrace. Gary hates setting up the beds every night, so we try to leave them semi-ready for nightly use. Because we don't have a portable baby bed, we put bedding on the table and that's where Micah sleeps. And by morning, it's usually cool enough to pull up the sheet. Works for us.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blessing Others

A few weeks after Micah came to live with us, I went to do some gift shopping for our friends, who were the speakers for the recent meetings on Revival here in Niamey. The committee had decided that they wanted to give them some African cloth – enough for them to have African outfits made. So Gary and I and Micah went downtown to one of the nicer Cloth stores. Gary left us there and went to do some other shopping. As Micah and I walked into the store, the woman behind the counter came over and asked me if she could touch the baby. I replied, "Certainly" and handed Micah to her. She took him with a big smile on her face and began walking around talking to him. That was great for me because that left me free to walk around and look at all the different fabric and designs. Two of the other saleswomen joined the woman, all vying for their turn to hold the baby. Meanwhile I had finally decided on the fabric I wanted, but they only had a 2 meter piece left. I needed 4 meters. The young salesman talked to the woman and they told me that he would go out behind the store to their warehouse and get me another piece, if I would wait. Glad to do that, I wandered up to the counter where the women had gathered with Micah. One of them asked me his story, so I proceeded to give them a brief recounting of how he came to be with us.

As I finished, the woman placed a piece of fabric on the counter and asked me, "Do you think this fabric is pretty?" I told her I did, and she continued, "Do you think it's pretty for a baby?" I replied that it was very cute for a baby. She responded, "I want to give this to the baby as a gift. I want him to have it." I was so touched! And then she began to cry quietly, and with tears running down her cheeks, she said, "You know, I'm an orphan. I didn't have a mother or a father. It's really hard for orphans in this country. Thank you so much for taking care of this baby. Thanks to God, my mother's younger sister took me in and raised me as her own daughter. But most orphans don't get that. They become the servants of the family. I thank God that you are taking care of him."

(Micah reclining on the fabric given to him as a gift...we will make him a quilt to keep)

Her openness had taken me by surprise and had touched my heart. God then allowed me to share with these 3 women how He was already taking care of Micah. I told them about how we had just the past Sunday at church, with all our Christian brothers and sisters, given Micah back to God and how my dear friend's husband had prayed a prayer of dedication for him. I told them that Micah's uncle had stood with us and joined us in dedicating him and his future to God. The women listened attentively. I went on to tell them that when we finished praying, Gary had told everyone that he was giving the baby his name, which is an important cultural event here. "His name is Micah", he announced (in Gourmantche, we say "Mise"). He explained that Micah was one of the great Old Testament prophets and that he had foretold the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He told them that the name "Micah" means, 'Who is like the Lord?!" When the shop women heard this, they shook their heads and told us that this was good. They asked God to bless him (they are most likely M..lim women). We thanked them so much for their kindness and generosity to Micah and to us.

By then our fabric had arrived and we paid. We told them we would visit again, and then me took our purchase and gift and left the store. As we walked out, I looked down at Micah sleeping peacefully in my arms...Gary and I realized: "He already has a testimony! How amazing? He's already being used by God to touch other people's lives!"

Our Niamey neighbor, Jeanne, with Micah

Pastor John and Roberta McGregor with Micah