Monday, January 11, 2010

Naomi's Hut

This December we welcomed Naomi Lowe to our compound in Makalondi. Naomi is a Cross-Cultural major at Toccoa Falls College and came to do her internship with us for 5 weeks. Since we live in a (very) small house, we decided that it would be practical for Naomi to have her own little place, so we built her a "house" the week before she arrived.

Well, we didn't build it, but we had some Gourma hut builders do it. And when it was done, it cost us a Grand Total of about 100 US dollars! Judging by Naomi's reaction, we think it was a Grand Success. It has been named, "Naomi's Hut" in honor of her being it's first resident.

****Check out the slide show to the left, showing the building of Naomi's Hut****