Monday, June 1, 2009

Niger's Dinosaurs

I'm not sure if many people realize it or not, but Niger is "home" to at least 9 different dinosaurs! Nigersaurus, a 45 ft. long plant-eater, and Sarcosuchus, a "Super Croc" are just 2 of the complete skeletons that have been discovered in the Sahara sands of northern Niger. Paleonlologist, Paul Sereno, from the University of Chicago, has headed up most of the expeditions which have unearthed the dinosaurs. (Check out his website:

Visitors to Niamey can see several of the dinosaur skeletons on display, complete and reconstructed, at the national museum. The SIZE of these dinosaurs is staggering! The Super Croc is 40 ft. long, comparable to the length of a city bus!

Check out the slide show of Dinosaurs on the left side of my blog. Kids will enjoy seeing these pictures!