Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Ned Yemba

This month, we have the distinct privilege of presenting the Manager of the Ministry Center in Maka, and who is also the Teacher of the 15 students enrolled in the newly begun Hope Junior High School, a private Christian school which started in September of 2008.

Name: Ned Yemba (fictional name)

Age: 29

Alma Mater: University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, with multiple degrees

Languages spoken fluently: 4 - Mossi, Gourmantche, French, English (and he speaks some Spanish, German, and Italian!)

Profession: Teacher, private tutor

Favorite Books: Bible, Christian Theology, Growth, & Biographies, Science and History, Classics

Favorite Music: Praise & Worship, EXO groupe

Interests: Gardening!!, poultry

Recent Accomplishment: Completed Computer classes and now teaches "computer" to youth at the Center.

Interesting fact #1: Built his own home and roofed it himself. It has two rooms.

Interesting fact #2: Leads a Youth Group on Sunday evenings

Interesting fact #3: Has an email address and a Skype account

We just praise the Lord for Ned. He pours himself into the life of his students and cares about them. They respond to this and appreciate the way he takes the time to explain clearly in class so that they can understand the Why's and the How's. When the students can understand the material, they can then find solutions on their own, and this gives them such a feeling of accomplishment!

The students also know that they can come and talk to Ned about their lives, problems and their questions. Many of them come to Bible studies that he leads. Some of the students have become followers of Jesus through these studies.

Please pray for Ned as he continues to be involved in the lives of students in Maka. Pray for strength for a heavy load, and wisdom for managing that load. Pray for a good testimony and opportunities to share Christ with students.

WOW...where has the time gone?!!

Since my last entry, we have moved to our "home" continent, had two laptop meltdowns, visited 6 States, and become "Nana and Papa" to our grandchildren in real life! We enjoyed seeing the lovely Fall colors, having toasty fires in our fireplace and getting to be COLD again! We've moved from a 5 room mud brick home to a 12 room red brick home! Wow, what contrasts...it's sometimes hard to take it all in.

Most of all we are enjoying being with our families again. Grandkids are a blast! They make us laugh and feel young again... We are so blessed.