Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Granddaughter, Kes

Recently, while emailing back and forth, my Granddaughter, Keslie told me how God is working in her life. She said that she had been learning about Intercessory prayer and that it was exciting for her. When I received her email, I was just getting into a book called "Intercessory Prayer" by Dutch Sheets, so I wrote her right back and told her:

"Easy to ready, even has a sense of humor, but has also really challenged me in my prayer life and I'm learning some new things too. I recommend it!"

Next time I picked up emails, Keslie replied:

"You know what's really funny? I just finished reading an intercessory prayer book by Dutch Sheets too, except it's for teens and I LOVED it. It was so enlightening as to what I can be doing in this world when I used to think the only way to serve the Lord was to become a missionary (like you guys, hehe). But now I know that I can make a difference just by praying and interceding."

I was just AMAZED!!! God had allowed my granddaughter and I to connect in our Spiritual walks halfway across the world!! We were reading the same material at the same time, growing in the same area of our lives! How wonderful is that?!!! We have a good and generous God!

I'm also so tickled to see how God is working His plan in our precious Granddaughter's life!

We love you Kes!!!!

Beautiful faces of Makalondi

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Les Eclairs!

That’s the name of our Youth Group. It’s loosely formatted like an AWANA program, but more adapted to our kids and culture....and they love it! It’s a discipleship program with a strong emphasis on building their education and memorizing God’s Word. Nindja is also helping me with this group and he is such a blessing! We have about 15 teens participating right now.
One thing the kids are enjoying is our weekly installment of "Where in the world is the Missionary?". They learn facts about a specific country, the people, and a well-known missionary who worked there. Then I tell them the story of that missionary. We just did India and Amy Carmichael last week. The kids are very competitive to see who can find the country the fastest. They keep all the information they are learning in a "Passport".
If you think about us on Wednesday mornings, you can pray for us...we’ll be meeting at that time. Pray that these teens will grow in wisdom, in stature and in their relationship with God and man....just as Jesus did!
Oh yeah... "Les Eclairs" means "The Lights"... Lights in our world!

A Birthday Original!

Birthdays in Niger can be a challenge to try to find ways to celebrate. So this year I wasn’t really expecting any gift from Gary. We had gone out to eat with friends to a real nice restaurant and had a great time. So you can imagine my surprise when Gary told me he had had a gift MADE FOR ME! A Bathtub!!! Isn’t that original? I know, you’re probably thinking, "What kind of gift it that?!" I can tell you, It’s the most amazing gift!! All we have at our house is a shower. Sometimes during cold season, I just long for a soak in a bathtub. But there wasn’t room in our bathroom for a tub, never mind trying to haul enough water from the well for a big bathtub!
Well, my husband got very creative and had a good Nigerian friend named Hamah, make a tub that would fit right into the shower area, but can also be removed when I’m done with it.
And the best thing about it... it can become my "pool" in the hot season!

Monday, March 3, 2008

David Excels!

Just have to share the good news! David came in FIRST PLACE in all 3 classes of First year High School! Isn't that wonderful? I got to see him last night at church and he quietly asked me if I had been over to the school office lately. Told him we were hoping to do that soon, so he then told me, "Thanks to the Lord, Madame, I finished in first place in all three classes." He had this big grin on his face. I just hugged him and told him how proud we are of him!