Friday, November 2, 2007

Good Stuff!

VBS at Faith Missionary Alliance Church in Winston Salem, NC did an amazing thing this year! The kids who attended VBS were challenged to help out African kids by giving money to buy books, films and a TV and DVD player for the Youth Center in Makalondi. They gave a huge offering and it allowed the Center to acquire some great stuff for the young people.
The Center is the only Library in the area, with a growing number of books in French and English for the kids to check out and read. With a computer room, the kids are also learning to use computers and new skills from the programs that are on them. From time to time we show films that have educational or literary value. And most of all, this is a place where kids can learn about Jesus and His love for them!
When the kids from Faith gave their money to buy computer programs, DVD's, and books, they became involved in bringing hope and light to the kids in Makalondi. The effects will be on-going and we pray that through their generosity, the kids here will have the chance to know Jesus and to grow a whole lot more!
Thank you Faith Missionary Alliance VBS Kids!!!!!

Getting to be "Nana" and "Papa" to Claire was Priceless!

Game night with the young people

Visiting the village.....

and visiting the giraffes...

Visiting Makalondi

Joe working at SIM Air

Joe, Amy and Claire

You can't image how wonderful it was for us to have our son, Joe, and his wife, Amy and baby Claire here in Niger for a month. They came so that Joe could help out our Mission's Air service and at the same time, allow Amy a chance to get acquainted with the country where Joe grew up. When Joe wasn't working at the hanger or on a flight, we were visiting Makalondi, a village, or the giraffes in the wild, or something else. Claire was a little explorer and adapted to all the different changes in schedule like a champ! Some of the highlights were the picnic on the plateau overlooking the Niger River, game night with the young people in Makalondi, and seeing the giraffes and getting "up close and personal" with them.

Though it was hard to say good-bye to them, we just keep thanking the Lord for the wonderful time we had together and for the wonderful memories we made!

Shopping Day

Monday is Shopping Day in Makalondi. It's Market Day for the area. Merchants come from far and near, villagers come with things to sell...and it's a great day to catch up on friends and news! I sometimes go, but since I'm lighter than most of the crowd, I always stand out like a sore thumb! Anyway, it's fun to see what's for sale and socialize with friends myself! My grocery store doesn't have the biggest selection, but I can get the basics, like sugar, flour, tomato paste and such. If I go several booths down, I can shop for material for a new skirt. The selections changes every week, so it's always an adventure!