Friday, April 13, 2007

Our Grandchildren

Ok, every grandparent thinks that their grandkids are the GREATEST, right? Well, ours really are! And we had a new one added to our special group this past Sunday...Easter! What a great day to be born on, right? Our youngest son, Joe and his wife, Amy, had baby Claire Noelle in Winston Salem, NC. She was a good size-8# 5 oz., and the delivery went well. We bless the Lord for that! Joe and Amy are the Children's Pastor of Faith Alliance Church while Joe finishes up flight training for overseas missions. Amy is taking some time off from her job as a Counselor with the Health System to be with Claire for awhile.

Our middle son, Nicholas and his wife, Karen, have 3 of our grandchildren... Madison, who is 6, loves horses and is in the first grade; Landon who is 4 and very keen on cars!; and little Alexa, who will be 1 year old at the end of this month. We have had so much FUN being Nana and Papa to them that we Really miss them when we're overseas! Nicholas is a manager with Serv-Pro, which takes care of Water and Fire damage to homes. Karen is a Realtor and knows her stuff! Working together, they can make sure you buy a home in great condition!

Scott, our eldest son, has a daughter, Keslie. She's in Jr. High and is just the sweetest teen you could wish to meet! She's a good emailer, so we can keep in contact with her that way. We hope she can come and visit us here one day soon. I'll have to get an updated picture of her to put on our site.